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Disc Springs to DIN 2093
Flange Washer
Valve Disc Spring
Heavy Duty Bolting Washers to DIN 6796
Stainless Steel Disc Springs
Ball Bearing Disc Springs
Serrated Safety Washers (anti-vibration)
Wave Spring
High Tempreture Disc Spring(≤400℃)
High torque spring washer(-200-330℃)
Ultra-high torque washer(≦600℃)
Double-slotted disc spring
Non-magnetic tight disc spring
Spherical Surface Safety Washer
"Z" type disc spring
Ring Spring
Special Disc Spring
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Products list
discspring with hole
beryllium copper wave springs
Thickness is more than 5.0mm,
OD is less than 289mm,
ID is less than 259mm。
Mechanical Zinc Coated disc spring
Alloy steel disc spring, Material Science:X22CrMoV12-1, The heat-resistant temperature can reach 500 ℃。
small disc spring
Belleville Washer


Bolt size:from 1/4"(inch) to 2"(inch)
Belleville Washer for Sandwich Busbar Joint

Thickness is more than 5.0mm

ID is less than 25mm
Geomet Disc Spring
Friction Spring(Ring Spring)
DIN 2093
Disc spring(60Si2Mn)
DIN 2093
OD6mm small disc spring
DIN2093 50CrVA phosphated and oiled
DIN2093(60Si2Mn bluing)
DIN2093 disc spring(60Si2Mn)
Disc spring for ball bearing(K)
Clutch spring
Disc spring assembly
DIN2093 phosphated and oiled
Disc spring for nuclear power
Serrated safety washer
High tempreture disc spring(-200-300℃)
High tempreture disc spring(≤600℃)
High tempreture stainless steel disc spring(≤400℃)
Non-magnetic disc spring
Friction spring type, similar with RINGFEDER
Double slotted disc spring
Slotted ball bearing disc spring
Z disc spring
Spring washer zinc-plated
Serrated safety washer
Stainless steel 3Cr13
Stainless steel disc spirng ph17-7
Stainless Steel Disc Spring SUS304
Wave spring
Serrated safety washer
Disc spring
OD500MM disc spring
Disc spring for valve
Beryllium copper (CuBe2) disc spring
Disc spring with ball groove
Serrated safety washer(Dacaroment finished)
Beryllium Copper,Alloy C 17200
Helical Disc Spring
Friction spring
(ring spring)
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